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diy with a smile:

5k8A1d-Tapes (read: Skate-Aid-Tapes) are contemporary punk mixes that are made of vinyls or cassettes. you can download them via mediafire. and this is a secret. and it’s too small to fail. and this should be a legal practice. and since i don‘t want to be your viral marketing agency just let me know if you feel your rights are disrespected and want me to take this thing down.

(think big)

(sing loud)

i won‘t sell these mixes. but you can download and tinker for yourself:
#1-24 (cover & tracklists as PDF)
#A-H (cover & tracklists as PDF)

d i y ! d i y ! d i y !

(home taping kills the music industry)

(mp3 kills the home taping industry)

…has a virtual-reality-my-ass-policy: no digital sound carrier. just vinyl and tapes.
…chronologically adds the latest releases: personal music diary/worldwide hypegeist mirroring.
…is loyal to no one/has a been-there-done-that-mentality/is rather hunter than gatherer: no band taped twice.
…doesn‘t care about the past: no nostalgia/reissues.
…doesn‘t care about concept albums: one-track-minded.
…owns way to many records: professional prosumer products.
…is for touring bands: play loud, drive safe and escape forwards.

(spread the word)
5k8a1d [a t] gmail [d o t] com
isolde raven – with love